These master points are tallied in three different lists according to the valid master point regulations.

The so-called Lifetime master point list contains the master points earned in all master point earning tournaments held since 1975. Based on this, the players are classified: III.1000, II.2500, I.5000 class player, master 20000, grandmaster 40000 and super grandmaster 100000.
The annual master point list is the sum of master points earned in the current calendar year. Generally, the first-place player of the current year is nominated for the Athlete of the Year award.

The Live master point list is the weighted sum of master points earned in the previous 5 years 100-100-75-50-25%. It attempts to reflect the current playing strength, of course, greatly dependent on how often, with what partner ¬_team¬_ and at what strength of tournaments the player participates. We use it for promotions and substitutions.

Master points (results) by tournament: 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
On the honor rolls, the top 1-10 in every classification category and the players who earned new classification in the current year are listed.

Honor roll: