The Hungarian Bridge Association (MBSZ) provides instructor training courses in which they share the most useful practical experiences for teaching beginners, advanced players, and competitors in both live and online settings. These courses are led by a dozen successful and popular youth instructors. The training also covers the use of the Moodle platform for instructors. The MBSZ places a strong emphasis on the quality of the instructional approach and aims to help beginners and advanced players become long-term competitive players with competition licenses, regardless of age.

The MBSZ periodically announces instructor training courses on their forums, and they welcome non-members to apply through the email address

We believe that the most important factor in teaching beginners and advanced players is the individual's pedagogical skills and not their own bridge knowledge or past/present competitive experience. Ideal candidates for teaching are individuals who are good educators (90% of the succes), and who can acquire the missing 10% of necessary bridge knowledge through organized or self-study methods, even concurrently with an instructor training program. This means that individuals who are interested in teaching bridge, but who may not yet know how to play, are also welcome to apply if they see value in the game for their own community (such as schools, social, or civil organizations).